My English Studies

My English Studies

My English Studies

Today it is
quite evident that everyone should know at least one foreign language.

Knowing one or
more foreign languages makes it possible to get acquainted with different ways
of thinking, to understand a new civilisation. Learning a foreign stimulates
mental abilities and gives you a chance to appreciate a new literature, a
different culture and to broaden your outlook.

knowing foreign languages has a practical value. It helps to improve the
quality of your work, because it reduces the time lost on obtaining the
necessary information.

The knowledge
of other languages is very useful, especially if you have to work abroad or of
you must read foreign literature in the original. If you know the language of a
foreign country, you can talk to its people and understand what they are
speaking about without anybody’s help. The knowledge of foreign languages also
helps young people of different countries to develop friendship.

As for me, I’m
learning English, because in the recent years it has become not only an
international language, it is now a number one language in the world. Besides,
English is becoming a lingua franca. A lingua franca is a language chosen for
international purposes.

At the
beginning of the 21st century English more widely spoken and
written, than any other language has ever been. It has become the language of
the planet, the first truly global language. English has become the world’s
important language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations.  Three
quarters of the world’s mail and its telexes and telegrams are in English. More
than half of the world’s scientific periodicals and eighty per cent of the
information in the world’s computers are also in English. English is the main
language of business. It is the language of sports: the official language of
the Olympics. In a number of speakers it is second only to Chinese. At the same
time it is the most widespread language in the world. It is the official
language of the UK, of the USA, Australia and New Zealand. English is used as
one of the official languages in Canada, the Republic of South Africa and the Irish
Republic. It is also spoken as a second language by many people in India,
Pakistan, numerous countries in Africa. The number of second language speakers
may soon exceed the number of native language speakers, if it hasn’t happened

Everybody can
see now the importance of English, listening to the radio and music, watching
films on TV. As for me I have always wanted to study English deeply since I
began learning it at school. My English lessons were always very interesting
and I liked them most of all at school. WE started learning English with the
alphabet, transcription and sounds. Then we learned some English words,
conversation phrases and dialogues by heart, read and translated easy texts. Of
course, sometimes we worked in the language laboratory listening to the
recorded tapes and doing laboratory exercises, but that was not enough. From
lesson to lesson we improved our knowledge, learned more and more new words,
grammatical structures and put them into practice of speaking. Soon we were
able not only to read and translate texts but to discuss their contents in
English, to communicate with one another. Our teacher always told us that it is
very helpful to listen as much as possible to different English educational
programmes on the radio and on TV. I have a lot of English cassettes at home
and try to listen to them almost every day. To my mind, English is not an easy
language to learn. There is a big problem of speaking, punctuation, a large
number of exceptions to any rule. This language is very idiomatic and the
prepositions are terrible. English is one of those languages which may be seen
easy in the beginning but then the bridge between basic knowledge and mastery
takes a long time to cross. But if you cross this bridge it will give you great
satisfaction. Even now the ability to speak to foreigners in their native
tongue gives me great freedom and satisfaction. It’s important also to read
foreign authors in the original, which makes our outlook wider. It is not
surprising that many intellectuals know several foreign languages. Besides,
learning a foreign language opens great opportunities nowadays. You certainly
know that with the development of international contacts hundreds of joint
ventures appear in every city, every industrial and cultural centre. They need
specialists who know one or two foreign language. Also foreign businessmen,
delegations and missionaries keep coming to our country, and they all need
interpreters. Out tourists and businessmen go abroad. So many people study
foreign languages in every possible way. Teachers of foreign languages are in
great demand. Such teachers needn’t fear they may remain unemployed

Among the great
number of languages that exist on our planet today there are some, which stand
out. Scientists distinguish 13 great languages. These are the languages that
are spoken by no less that 50 per cent of people on the Earth. They are
Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi and Urdi, Indonesian…

A person who knows these languages can speak to and
understand almost 2 thousand million people doesn’t suffer from the language
barrier. Today there are a lot of people in Europe and Asia who know several
languages. A person who knows several languages is called a polyglot.

It is known
that different languages can come into fashion or go out of it. It is generally
considered that the most fashionable language in the world nowadays is English.
Spanish also becomes very popular. It is learnt nowadays more often than
earlier. Oriental languages are also widespread today. Learning a foreign
language has a practical value but the choice of a foreign language sometimes
depends on a fashion. If under fashion we mean the demands of life and society.
Thus, the knowledge of a foreign language today is a life necessity.

The English
language surrounds us like a sea, and like the waters of a deep sea it is full
of mysteries. English is and has always been constantly changing. Some words
die, some change their meanings and all the time new words appear in the

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